Content that connects.

It's the key to transforming
attitudes and behavior.

Your organization is always evolving—you need engaging, relevant content that always keep pace. ELM Exchange gives you the interconnected and comprehensive solution that evolves based on your needs, industry trends—and our industry-leading research and insights.


Our proprietary process engages your front-line providers in five ways. Our unique faculty is made up of professionals with integrated medical, legal and education backgrounds. They collaborate to develop educational programs—more than 400 courses plus custom content—across 28 different medical specialties.

Most importantly, it’s designed from the provider’s perspective, to be intuitive, engaging, and transformational—no matter how each individual learns.

Our faculty is made up of risk management and patient safety leaders across disciplines and specialties, including:

  • Physician-attorneys (MD/JDs)
  • RN/JDs
  • RN MPHs
  • MSNs with a focus in Education
  • CPHRMs


Let us show you how our solutions work together.

"Our ELM program has become a cornerstone to our annual practitioner risk management training."

Anup Patel, JD, MHA, CHC,
Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management / Corporate Compliance
PIH Health