Every event needs
comprehensive support.

ELM Response™ is event-triggered education & action.

On-demand, event-triggered, individualized education that goes beyond the “tip of the iceberg.”


ELM Response™
Event-Triggered Education & Action

Our partner approach offers you a holistic view of both people and process—to help you make the most informed decisions for both immediate action and future prevention.

ELM Response delves beneath the individual event to outline key education and actions that will help you mitigate future risk.

ELM Response is ideal for:

  • Addressing specific risk issues with individual providers.
  • Responding to risk issues triggered by internal data.
  • Linking existing processes to eliminate the gaps in risk management.

In combination with our core ELM Institute program, ELM Response supports a comprehensive system of assessment, core education, individual reinforcement and ongoing enhancements to keep you ahead of emerging challenges.

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