What provider attitudes
put you at risk?

ELM Insight™ helps you uncover the truth.

Online risk assessment designed to identify provider attitudes that could put patients at risk.


ELM Insight™
Risk Assessment

Our unique approach is a purely proactive process, designed to root out problems—even those that haven’t surfaced as events. We engage individuals directly with questions designed to identify underlying patterns—and “tease out” provider attitudes and behaviors that might run counter to risk management objectives, polices and best practices.

Help identify problems before they happen—so that education can be more targeted, relevant and effective.

ELM Insight is ideal for:

  • Uncovering provider attitudes that could put patients at risk.
  • Developing in-depth understanding of clinical risk gaps and future education opportunities.
  • Teasing out clinical risk problems before they become more serious.

ELM Insight can also deliver immediate information as a stand-alone solution—taking a deeper look at provider attitudes and providing a clear course of action to improve patient care.

Let us show you how our solutions work together.

"ELM Insight revealed that 46% of learners surveyed selected an
inappropriate or incomplete documentation option."

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