Simply put, the law defines societal expectations of appropriate conduct. For healthcare providers to meet these societal expectations, and ultimately reduce their exposure to liability, they need to practice medicine under the context of the law. Because physicians typically do not learn about medical-legal issues in medical school, ELM helps fill this knowledge gap.

At ELM's inception, all of its medical-legal education was delivered via printed, self-study courses. With the advent of the Internet, ELM built a technology platform used to deliver courses flexibly so that the courses could be customized based on client need and targeted according to individual physician or specialty focus.

Through this online delivery platform, ELM offers dynamic content, progress testing, targeted feedback, and real-time reporting for course administrators. In 2002, ELM delivered its first online course. Since that time, more than 500,000 online courses have been delivered to healthcare providers of every level and specialty.

Today, ELM programs have been implemented by more than 70 client organizations representing approximately 1,000 hospitals, office practices and healthcare facilities.