ELM programs serve several functions for commercial carriers. As a proven loss prevention initiative, our courses can be used to help physician insureds mitigate risk in their clinical practices. This aids commercial carriers to reduce the frequency and severity of their claims, as well as, assists insureds to better protect themselves and their patients.

Ways to use ELM: Commercial carriers utilize ELM programs as a value-added-service to their insureds. This is especially helpful in a soft market, where competition for customers is fierce. ELM's Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs are an additional way to offer your insureds a little something extra. Typically, ELM's insurance carrier clients offer a financial incentive for participation (often, a premium discount).

"The case histories used were typical of the types of challenges and, on reading about them, felt I have been educated about how to avoid them. I am grateful that my long-term malpractice carrier is working hard to be very proactive in this regard. Asking some of my peers about the help they might be getting from competing carriers elicits blank stares and shoulder shrugs. So you can take a good measure of pride in this regard too."

ELM Learner